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bobdylan's Journal

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Another Side of Bob Dylan
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Please do not post asking for songs from officially released material or providing a source (other than a pay-for-download site such as iTunes or Napster) where one can upload/download songs from officially released material. The official post is now a part of the community memories. If you have any questions, please contact one of the mods.

Welcome to Another Side of Bob Dylan! If you're into Bob Dylan, then this community is for you. If you sort of know about Bob Dylan, then this community is for you. If you have absolutly no idea who this Bob feller is, then this community is for you. Even if your dog likes to play fetch with an old copy of Blonde on Blonde, then this community is for you! This community is for you, join today!

Made by idiotwind

Helpful Links for Dylan Fans:

Bob Dylan's Official Site

Expecting Rain
The best Dylan resource on the web! The site is updated daily with links having to do with Dylan and other aspects of the world of music.

Bob Dates
Offers setlists and reviews promptly following every show while Dylan is on tour. The site posts unconfirmed tour dates as well as links that would interest Dylan fans.

You'll Find Out When You Reach The Top
A Bob Dylan fantasy pool. A very entertaining way to follow Dylan tours.

The Bob Dylan Usenet Newsgroup. This is a place for reliable and unreliable information, friendly chats, and scary flamewars. The group can become fairly tense, though sometimes is entertaining/helpful to check out.

...and finally:

The Which Bob Dylan Era Are You? Quiz
This is a little online quiz that the creator of this community rigged up. Feel free to check it out...it just may tell you the truth!

If you are posting a link, please provide a description so we know what we're clicking.

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